How to Write Thesis Statement? Step by Step Tips

If you have been assigned a thesis writing task by the teacher, it is necessary that you take it seriously and work hard on it because this is the only way you will be able to do a good job on the paper and succeed. Working on a thesis requires a lot of time as well as attention as the given topic and subject are meant to be explored and studied the right way.

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Writing a good thesis statement is the first step towards the assignment and whether you are writing a short paper or a doctoral dissertation, the thesis statement can be the trickiest and toughest things that you will have to do. There is nothing to worry about as there are some basic rules and ideas that you can apply in order to make sure that you come up with an effective and interesting thesis statement that is appreciated by your teachers.


This article is a guide for students as it helps them understand how to write a thesis statement step by step and how they can do a good job on their paper for better results.


In order to start writing a thesis statement, it is necessary to know that the thesis covers only one specific point and that you have enough evidence or support to prove that point.


Step # 1 – Start with a question

When starting the thesis statement, try to come up with a question as it will make it easy for you to find answer to the question and work on it. You can ask a question that relates to our subject and topic and provides you a chance to help the readers actually look forward to the answer.


Step # 2 – Answer the question to write the statement

After you have begun the thesis statement with a question, try to answer it so that you build your case around that answer. It is up to you to understand that you must tailor your thesis statement around the question and the answer as it is much better to formulate and work on them and keep the readers engaged at the same time.


Step # 3 – Customize your thesis statement accordingly

When you are working on your thesis, you must know that there are many types of papers that you might be given to work on and you should understand how you should customize your thesis statement the right way to come up with the best solutions for writing your papers.


Step # 4 – take a specific stance to add more power to the thesis statement

It is important that you address a single issue instead of taking up too many issues and making your thesis statement confusing for the readers. Make sure that your thesis statement sticks to a specific stance and talks about it.


Step # 5 – Make the thesis statement provable

It is necessary to ensure that your thesis statement is provable or at least valid because it will save a lot of time and efforts for you in the long run. You must be making a thesis statement that you can back up with evidence or provide examples for.